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    Haunted Asylum of Pain


    1. Vimuro

      Apr 17,  · The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is one of my favorite places. It is one of the only remaining asylums in the country that still stands. Fortunately, you can still see this place in all of it's heyday glory, even take a ghost hunt tour or two at midnight (The owners are now offering tours 7-days-a-week and haunted tours on Friday nights and overnight stays on Saturdays).
    2. Kigabar

      There is perhaps no scarier place than a haunted insane asylum. These places are imbued with a sense of sad history and suffering that make them perfect breeding grounds for tales of the supernatural, their dark halls supposedly prowled by the restless damned.
    3. Monos

      Haunted Insane Asylum The haunting began during the site’s final days of operation as an insane asylum. A nurse named Debbie told of how she was roughly grabbed and shaken during a cigarette break. When she turned around to face the person who had assaulted her, there was nobody there.
    4. Shasida

      Scariest Insane Asylums You Should Visit #1 | The Ridges – Athens, Ohio. Athen’s Asylum for the Criminally Insane first opened its doors in , nearly #2 | Danvers State Lunatic Asylum – Danvers Massachusetts. One of the most haunted places on earth, Danvers State #3 |Byberry Mental.
    5. Nikora

      Dr. Pain's Haunted Asylum: By Jessica Ross, Lord Botetourt High School Haunted houses don’t usually spook me. But as I pulled into the parking lot at Dr. Pain’s Nightmare, just the look of the Author: Rebecca Barnett.
    6. Magore

      In the haunted mental hospital section of the asylum, many have heard the sounds of children and adults screaming and crying as if they are suffering from tremendous amounts of pain and agony. Doors can be heard slamming throughout Pennhurst State .
    7. Mojora

      Oct 07,  · Published on Oct 7, Dr. Pain's Twisted Carnival - the freakiest freak show in Southwest Virginia. It appears that the Haunted Asylum is gone - at least for now - .
    8. Mikajar

      Opened as an asylum in , it served as a refuge for the troubled minds of Boston. Here Stone reported cruel attendants, barbaric treatments, and an asylum master reminiscent of a European.
    9. Vudozahn

      Even looking at it from the outside you would probably assume that it is haunted just base don how it looks! The building certainly lives up to expectations. This is without a doubt one of the most haunted places in the state. Construction on the asylum began in .

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