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    1. Shakagul

      The key to limiting this noise is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which dictates that there are limits to how well we can know the properties of quantum objects.
    2. Faukree

      Anthropogenic noise is an increasingly dominant feature of the ocean environment, with ship traffic and other human activities causing noise levels to increase in some places by 3 dB per decade (Chapman and Price, ; Frisk, ).
    3. Meztibar

      Noise is the general word and is applied equally to soft or loud, confused or inharmonious sounds: street noises.
    4. Grozil

      May 03,  · Directed by Matthew Saville. With Maia Thomas, Carole Browne, Kent Clifton-Bligh, Aaron Murphy. The community reels after an incident on a suburban train. A young cop, beset with doubt and afflicted with tinnitus, is pitched into the chaos that follows this tragic event. He struggles to clear the noises in his head while all around him deal with the after burn of the crime/10(K).
    5. Tasida

      noise meaning: 1. a sound or sounds, especially when it is unwanted, unpleasant, or loud: 2. any bad change in a. Learn more.
    6. Faur

      noise (n.) c. , "sound of a musical instrument;" midc., "loud speech, outcry, clamor, shouting;" c. , "a sound of any kind from any source," especially a loud and disagreeable sound, from Old French noise "din, disturbance, uproar, brawl" (11c., in modern French only in phrase chercher noise "to pick a quarrel"), also "rumor, report, news," a word of uncertain origin, replacing.
    7. Zolorr

      Noise is all around you, from televisions and radios to lawn mowers and washing machines. Normally, you hear these sounds at safe levels that don't affect hearing. But sounds that are too loud or loud sounds over a long time are harmful. They can damage sensitive structures of the inner ear and cause noise-induced hearing loss.

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