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    I Lose Control (Grey Matter)


    1. Douzilkree

      Summary: Lack of grey matter in the brain is linked to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. A new study shows that adolescents experiencing a first outbreak of psychosis have lower levels of gray.
    2. Vik

      Mar 14,  · Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the comic version, the Phoenix was not Jean Grey. It was a cosmic entity who happened upon a space ship containing the X-Men. The ship was re-entering Earth atmosphere but was burning up a.
    3. Moogulrajas

      Aug 25,  · Gray matter atrophy: Multiple studies have shown atrophy (shrinkage or loss of tissue volume) in gray matter areas (where “processing” occurs) in internet/gaming addiction (Zhou , Yuan , Weng ,and Weng ). Areas affected included the important frontal lobe, which governs executive functions, such as planning, planning, prioritizing, organizing, and impulse control (“getting .
    4. Fet

      Feb 08,  · The analysis of peer-reviewed papers shows a loss of gray matter in three brain structures that, although physically separate, participate in a Author: Traci Pedersen.
    5. Mooguktilar

      Feb 13,  · Grey & White Matters. Grey matter is the mass of neuronal cells that are involved in things like memory, speech and muscle control. Despite often being described as grey matter.
    6. Nikoramar

      From Eric Buchman, NOT the writer of "Make Me Lose Control" Originally posted on 10/9/05 January 18, That's when the writers first convened to outline this episode. There's probably something to be said about a gestation period of nine months, maybe a metaphor to something else that can be conceived, developed, and delivered in that same period of time, but I don't know what that could.
    7. Kagarn

      Nov 18,  · The main problem with losing the gray matter is the fact that it’s very important in a child’s development and is what also helps with self-control so when parents punish their kids for having no self-control by spanking, they are essentially making the situation worse. (snowstaffbarmaktilar.xyzinfo?a=).
    8. Vuk

      Nov 18,  · And like white matter, reduced gray matter worsens a person's planning, prioritizing, impulse, and memory. The message is clear: The longer and more a person drinks, the worse their control and judgement is, lessening the chances of sobriety as they get older. Heavy drinking hurts the brain's ability to function and heal all at once.
    9. Kazijin

      Significant Loss of Brain Gray Matter: Individuals with schizophrenia, including those who have never been treated, have a reduced volume of gray matter in the brain, especially in the temporal and frontal lobes. Recently neuroscientists have detected.

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